Kitchener-Waterloo Fibromyalgia Support Group
25 Years!
Notes from Sarah Millar ND

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The aim of the Kitchener-Waterloo Fibromyalgia Support Group, Associated with The Arthritis Society, is to provide meetings that include coping strategies, support, FUN, emotional growth, and learning from one another and guest speakers.

Next Group Meeting

February 17, 2015

7pm - 9pm

Highland Baptist Church

135 Highland Road, Kitchener

Detoxification & the Green Smoothie Challenge

Want to increase your energy, improve digestion, manage blood sugars, and lose some weight – who wouldn’t? Learn about green smoothies and how their benefits go beyond detoxification.  Join Andrea Hauser, Homeopathic Practitioner from Sage Naturopathic Clinic to learn more about the benefits of healthy detoxification, and how to start your Green Smoothie Challenge today.

Bring life into your food through fermentation.

What's the buzz about this ancient technique of food preservation? Fermented foods are loaded with beneficial microbes which help to balance your intestinal flora, thus boosting overall immunity, improving digestion, supporting brain health, detoxification and many other body functions. Marianna Duba, holistic nutritionist will explain to you how easily sauerkraut,  milk kefir and yogurt can be prepared in your own kitchen.

Sandra Cross (Intolerance Testing and Reflexology) Will also be on hand that night to assist and answer any questions.