Kitchener-Waterloo Fibromyalgia Support Group
25 Years!
Notes from Sarah Millar ND

The aim of the Kitchener-Waterloo Fibromyalgia Support Group, Associated with The Arthritis Society, is to provide meetings that include coping strategies, support, FUN, emotional growth, and learning from one another and guest speakers.

We do not endorse, support or recommend any treatment, product, theory, or person for our members. We do, however, try to Inform our members in the belief that awareness and choice are helpful.

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Next Group Meeting

September 16, 2014

Highland Baptist Church

135 Highland Road, Kitchener

7pm - 9pm

Dr. Bryan Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence has been practicing Chiropractic for 31 years.  His focus is on Gentle Light Touch Chiropractic (Tonal Chiropratic, Koren Specific Technique) Pressure Point Therapy, Tanda Laser Therapy, and Whole Food Nutrition.

He also provides Complimentary Stress Management Workshops exploring the following common stress symptoms and how to manage them;  Headaches, Fatigue, Body Pain, Nervousness, Fibromyalgia, Disgestive Disorders, Insomia, Anxiety. His goal is to help people reach maximum health potential through natural means. Learn how gentle light touch will assist your body to promote improved health.

July & August: No meetings

Have a great summer and enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

We’ll “See You In September”.

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